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Jagorb is the ultimate in gift items - green, usefull and a constant reminder of the giver.
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The “Take Anywhere” Round Nailfile!
Approved for airport safety

Ever break or chip a nail as soon as you leave the house?
Now you can file on the fly, literally!

Take the Jagorb on your next trip and manicure during flight! It comes in many colors and is designed to go anywhere with you. Hang one in your car, on your jeans, purse, computer case, keys, suitcase or diaper bag. Carry it in your back pocket, small enough to fit anywhere, yet big enough to manicure your nails.

This is a great, inexpensive gift for you or anyone you love, male or female. We all have finger nails! Save dollars on your next manicure, when you have the Jagorb at your fingertips.

It makes a great promotional piece for any business.

Definitely something different and NEW!

Your clients will remember you!

Contact us for details and wholesale pricing.


JAGORB included in Gift Bags for the Gorgeous - The Kentucky Derby and Keeping up with the Kardashians

JAGORB reaches the STARS. The 2010 Golden Globe Awards gift bags for the stars included the Jagorb nail file. Picture gallery ...

JAGORB goes "GLOBAL" with. Style It TV